Caren Florance and material book culture in Canberra

Caren gave a good quick interview on ABC Canberra radio on Sunday 17 May, about the growth in the material book arts in Canberra and the 80 in particular, with a boost for the Guild. It was in reference ato her very interesting article on  the history of book culture in Canberra since 1980, by someone who was and is in the thick of creating it, and that many of us have been living through without realising the significance.A recording should be up on ABC website in a couple of days.

By “material” book culture she means the forms and the structures, bindings and decorations, the construction of books as objects, hand-printing and artists’ created content, in contrast to the content-focus of words and pictures in mass publishing.

The original interesting snappy article is at’s-material-book-cultures

Chris Johnson