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The lost page in Ecce Mundus

The Canberra Craft Bookbinders Guild challenge for 2020 is to bind a copy of Ecce Mundus, the manifesto from Thomas Cobden-Sanderson of the Arts and Crafts Movement and the Doves Press and Doves Bindery. Printed sheets to bind are available from Vicki Woolley.

But there’s an unexpected blank page 44 in the text block, at the end of the second essay. It was absent from the online source when the book was extracted and printed for the Guild, and was apparently reinserted at the source some time in the succeeding months. There is no spare paper to print a new page, but it is possible to overprint your own sheet before binding – if you line things up correctly (and put the paper in the right way around). This took me a few attempts but it did work in the end, and the slightly different black and inkjet rather than laser printing is not apparent.

Here is a link to a PDF file and a Word version of the missing text as a picture. The page boundaries on these do not match the original printout (because I had trimmed my pages a bit before I noticed the missing problem), but I hope that you can print the one of these Word pages by itself, measure the offset of the desired cut marks against the original page, and reposition the image of the page in Word before you overprint onto the existing page. Or trim the original page to match the cut marks before overprinting, which seems a bit riskier. (I found that Word and Acrobat reader print landscape pages the opposite way up on my computer – so be wary).

The missing text looks like this (TJCS does tend to SHOUT a bit). It should be 7.5cm wide on the page.

page 44 of Ecce Mundus